Monday, 12 June 2017

Beeston Week goes weekly from today

Blogging can be addictive. I should know, I've been doing it since 2007, over ten years. At the end of 2014 when we moved to Beeston, my Lenton based Parkviews blog gave way to Beeston Week. I have tried to stop before, but appeals to my vanity prompted me to continue and, in truth, I enjoy it. However I have said more than once that post-op I want to concentrate more on writing and gardening and this I am determined to do — hence my decision to turn Beeston Week into 'a look back at the last seven days'. In other words, as from today I'm going weekly. I aim to add a post every weekend, if not a Saturday morning, then a Sunday morning.

Next Saturday I will begin with a look at a garden on Marlborough Road, Beeston, plus a few other bits, what I've no idea.

Going weekly will also make it easier for you to keep track of my ramblings. Thanks for reading me.

Robert Howard

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