Saturday, 3 June 2017

A Beeston Secret Policeman reports on guarding Theresa May when she comes to the town on a surprise visit

A picture they say says more than a thousand words.

Yes, Theresa May was visiting Beeston High Road this morning (Saturday) for a whole two hours. Her presence, along with that of her spiritual helper, Mrs Thatcher, got a mixed reception. Conservatives handing our leaflets near Barnsdale the Butchers (very appropriate I thought) were a little confused. Anna Soubry shooed her boss away. 'Please go away will you'.

As for the two secret police officers on guard duty, several of Anna's guard were not fooled. One said she was going to call the police because it was an offence to impersonate a police officer and she had filmed me threatening her with my truncheon. It still early, so I may yet have a knock on my front door. Imagine, three seventy-somethings in the dock for threatening behaviour and impersonation.

I thought our identity badge 'did the business'. One little girl did ask 'Are you really a secret policeman?'. That question in itself was enough to make the day worthwhile. Her mum was wearing a Labour sticker, which made it even better.

The Labour Party was out in force, and even found the energy and numbers to have an impressive parade down Beeston High Road, singing their hearts out as they went along.

It was all very impressive and if the Broxtowe result was going to be determined on enthusiasm and bodies, then it is already Labour's day on Thursday.

It was fun being out with Chris Richardson (he who was dressed as Mrs Thatcher). He has been doing it for a good few years now, more than I can remember, and I have played one the secret policeman guarding him a good few times. The other 'secret policeman' is Richard McCance, who has been Chris's sidekick far more times than me. Maggie's mutation into May worked brilliantly.

It is the only thing I have done in this election campaign, 'on the fringe' stuff, but I enjoyed every minute. I guided Maggie to The White Lion, bought her and Richard half-pints and left them as Pete Ratcliffe was trying to persuade Chris to make a grand entrance at the beginning of a campaign rally, which was about to begin.

I hope Chris did, but I left before he decided. I can't do crowded rooms and am presently on antibiotics for a cough and wheeze I have. I have had more antibiotics in the last three months than I have had in the rest of my life. With luck there is a photograph out there already of Theresa May and her Maggie spirit making their grand entrance!

I finish this as I take a telephone call saying Jeremy Corbyn is going to Beeston Youth & Community Centre. That really would be a fillip for all those hardworking Labour Party members and supporters who have done so much in Beeston and the rest of Broxtowe to deserve victory on Thursday. Right now I am full of sunny optimism that it will happen!


My friend sent me this picture pf Jeremy Corbyn very much the centre of media attention at Beeston Youth & Community Centre. The town must be full of happy Labour bunnies tonight.

And finally, a few hours ago The Guardian posted a good piece by John Harris: 'Corbyn shows a new way of doing politics. Straight talking is back'.

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