Sunday, 11 June 2017

An annual student treat

Every year Susan and I go into town and visit the annual NTU Degree Show which once was no more than the Bonington Gallery on Shakespeare Street and a few small outlying venues. Now the Show clusters around the Nottingham Trent University's City Campus.

As usual, it was a wonderful treat, some of the students, all about to graduate, are keen to share their enthusiasm. This year we ran out of steam and did not manage to see the work of the architecture or photography students. There was so much more to see and had I not been poorly during the week, we would have gone earlier and probably gone back for a second day.

I took a good few photographs and share a selection with you below.  Look out for the desk which is probably one of the best I have ever seen. Had we the space at home I would try and buy one tomorrow. The trouble is that as of yet this is the only one. It's a real writer's desk.

I have put caption's under some of the photographs, but most speak for themselves

I was also very taken with these fabrics and designs by Aimee Haynes. If I had a spare wall, I would hang them for sure.

The two hangings are printed fabric. The keyhole looks so three dimensional that yo want to touch it to make sure it isn't.

I was also taken by this collection called 'Striped Stories' by Zoe Blinkinsop. I have been looking for new hankies for the first time in my life, having relied on my mother and step-father, who died in 2006 and 2008, for boxes of unused hankies handed in for Red Cross jumble sales. I might see if she has any offcuts Susan can turn into hankies for me. I loved the patterns and texture of them.

Fashion Marketing and Branding in the Barnes Wallis Building on Shakespeare Street was a new section.

The desk! and below a close-up of the two shallow indentations which hold pens/pencils. It is the work Molly McDowell and she calls it a "Ripple Desk'. She says 'While having the potential to be functional... (the) design explores the idea of incorporating texture to a conventional flat surface'.

I don't think I have wanted something so much in the all years we have been going to the graduates' show.

I don't think the hand and others like it were the work of graduates. They were used to hold handbags and scarves, but I thought they were fun.

Well that's the end of my little personal tour of this year's NTU Graduate Show. Next year find the time to go. I promise you won't be disappointed. Always something inspirational to see and say 'Wow' a few times.

As for post election stuff. Yesterday I almost forgot the election completely other than to remember that these young people are part of the reward we get as a society when we invest in their future — something we should do freely as far as they are concerned. 

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