Sunday, 25 June 2017

A Beeston hoglet and her mum

Last summer we began seeing a regular visitor waddle past out patio door. Always at dusk. A grand-daughter vet and a close friend who know about these thing both said 'Not a good sign', but we got used to our evening visitor and wondered where he or she spent the winter?

Yesterday evening we got our answer, assuming it is the same hedgehog, because she came with a Hoglet in tow. We watched her snuffle around our rockery, her nose twitching, occasionally digging, then as she disappeared into the rockery, the Hoglet came steaming into view.

It is difficult to describe the sheer pleasure such a sight gives you. I went next door to my neighbour for some cat food. She insisted on giving me a box. I put some out after they have wandered off in a space I found in the rockery and we watched a little later as she came back. Before going to bed I check the dish and most of the cat food had gone, so I topped it up. This morning it was near empty, so it looks like I have got myself a job of sorts. This is assuming family and friends are right, insomuch as we shouldn't be seeing a Hedgehog, let alone a Hoglet in full view.

We wish them well and chuffed that they feel safe in our garden. Well, that's it for now. I'll let a few pictures tell their own story (click on images to enlarge):

Mum is in this pic, at the top, almost hidden from view, but she is watching her sprog closely. I took these pics through our patio door window with my telephone. It was all over in 30 seconds.

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