Sunday, 29 January 2017

Anna Soubry more May's opposition than Labour - a truth we cannot afford to ignore.

I have pondered over making this post, but Anna Soubry has been speaking more for me of late than Labour MPs over Europe, open borders and Donald Trump.
I am not about to vote Conservative, but a good few Labour MPs and Jeremy Corbyn appear intent on upsetting Labour voters at every opportunity. When a political party loses credibility with voters, then voters stop listening and that is happening to Labour right now!
All Labour voters know Corbyn is no position to whip MPs simply because of his own voting record as a Labour MP and I have voted for him twice, but there won't be a third time. It is a problem of his own making and he is making a habit of doing stupid things. How I wanted him to succeed, but he has become the architect of his own failure and, at some point, I hope he will recognise this.
In an e-mail to constituents today Anna Soubry, the Conservative MP for Broxtowe, has said:
'As I said before the EU Referendum, I will respect and honour the result and so will be voting for the Bill which will begin the process of our leaving the EU. I have said this for many months now. I appreciate and understand why so many constituents will be deeply disappointed by my decision and I know marginally more - will be very pleased. I believe almost everyone is getting somewhat bored by Brexit and wants us to get on with it.'

Of Trump she said:

'Like most constituents, I was appalled to learn that President Trump has decided to impose a temporary ban on people and refugees from a number of countries which are predominantly Muslim.  This ban has no moral or factual justification. There hasn't been a single terrorist attack since 9/11 in America involving anyone who emigrated from or whose parents emigrated from any of the 7 countries on Trump's list. However, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Egypt are not included in the ban even though their citizens have mounted terrorist attacks on the USA. 

We can accordingly be sure Trump's ban is based entirely on prejudice and unjustified fear which he seeks to stoke and exploit - meanwhile it appears he's keen not to harm his own financial interests.  In any event it is deeply offensive and plain wrong to stereotype any faith, religion or race on the wicked actions of a tiny minority. 

Our deep rooted sense of tolerance in Broxtowe is best exemplified in our Deputy Mayor Halimah Khaled and her family.  Like the overwhelming majority of British Muslims, Halimah embodies our traditional values of family, hard work, being involved in your community, respect for the rule of law, and tolerance. Perhaps President Trump would like to meet Halimah ,who is a Conservative, when he comes to our country.'

Now I know Anna Soubry has her critics, but I do not fall into the camp which says she can't be right because she's a Tory. Only if life was that simple.
Those MPs in England thinking of voting against Article 50 may ignore Corbyn, but MPs like Anna Soubry get stronger by the day because they appear to be the opposition to the Government - not Labour. Listen to ordinary voters and they are giving up on us. Corbynistas appear to be living in a world of their own making - as do many of the Labour MPs who oppose him.
Harriet Harman's interview in The Guardian/Observer today only compounds my frustration. Once upon a time I was a fan, but she lost me when she did not support Robin Cook in opposing the invasion of Iraq. Read the interview and despair!

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  1. Defeat in any of the upcoming by elections, especially Stoke, will be the end of him I suspect