Sunday, 29 January 2017

A Beeston ambler takes to the by-ways and hidden corners of our conurbation

My friend Richard, a fellow Beeston resident who used to be a near neighbour in Lenton, has started a quirky blog about walking around Greater Nottingham in less  than usual ways. His blog,, has just had its second post.

In his first post Richard stuck close to home and got no further than the main Nottingham University campus, but has already set me a task, which is to go in search the this statue of D H Lawrence:

His second post also stays close to home and finds Richard exploring Bramcote Ridge before heading west and onto the abandoned and overgrown Bramcote Hills Golf Course.

Richard begins by saying 'Bramcote Ridge is, perhaps surprisingly, something of a shrinking violet when considered in the context of the urban landscape to the west of Nottingham city centre – largely keeping itself to itself, but occasionally to be spotted peering hesitantly over the buildings of the surrounding area.'
In one opening paragraph you have the essence of Richard's style and humour, which I like, but then he is someone I regard as a friend and I like his take on life.
The above photograph also captures the kind of imagery you can expect if you read NG and Beyond.
Go and have a look for yourself. The world around you will start to look a little different I promise when you spend time in Richard's company.

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