Tuesday, 29 May 2018

About a bus with a wild side...

This bus looks ordinary enough, especially if you live on the south-west side of Nottingham, but the 35 bus is special in many ways — which is why I've been publishing an annual map and leaflet devoted to the 35 route. It also has its own blog at History By Bus.

It isn't strictly Beeston, but I can walk to Priory Island and catch a 35 quite easily. From where I live it's almost as close as The Nurseyman bus stops on Derby Road and the Beeston High Road and Humber Road bus stops by Marlborough Road. All c.10 minutes walk.

Anyway I've done a post to History By Bus today which may be of interest...

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  1. please can you email me, i work for Inspire Nottinghamshire Libraries and would like to discuss an event at Beeston Library in September marie.davis@inspireculture.org.uk