Wednesday, 2 May 2018

A Beeston picodyssey

You might wonder if a walk along Beeston's shopping streets can be described as a 'picodyssey'. Well on a day like today, walking through the rain trying to avoid puddles I think it can. Over 100 photographs to look through, none better than the first taken where my odyssey began and ended, from the window of the Local Not Global Deli on Chilwell High Road, opposite Imperial Road where I sat and drank three cups of coffee until the rain let off enough.

The day is all part of my preparations for creating a new 'mosaic' style Beeston 'vertical map'.

Life is galloping by. It's over a month since my last post to which I have yet to add captions. I will soon. I promise.

This post will also get some more pics together with a draft of my new icons:

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  1. At least I missed the worst of it when I was riding to work!