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Council Tax Exempt properties in Beeston and Broxtowe — a street-by-street list as at November 2017

The list of council tax exemptions on a street-by-street basis has been obtained by me making a Freedom of Information request to Broxtowe Borough Council at the end of 2016. The process was interrupted by me having open heart surgery at the end of February 2017 followed by four months recovery, then in November my being ill for three weeks and my wife Susan being diagnosed with breast cancer. All these  things have contributed to the delay, but I think it's been worth waiting for. Below are the totals for Broxtowe Borough Council area as at November 2017 summarised by location (my work):


There is one important caveat. My 2015 summary of Council Tax exempt student properties in the Borough of Broxtowe (which can be found in the column to the right) was provided by the Council in February 2015 and the person who compiled the data for me has since left and the program used has changed. The changes between February 2015 and November 2017 are not what I was expecting:

I had confidently expected the total for 2017 to be higher than 2015. It is lower! The compiler in 2015, who no longer works for the Council, almost certainly used a different methodology to the compiler in 2017. The officer I have worked with suspects that the 2015 totals included adults who qualified for a 'student (council tax) discount' of 25% where two people live in the same property. This would help explain the higher 2015 totals.

Looking ahead to 2018 and future years, logic says I go with the person compiling the 2017 data. We have met twice and exchanged numerous e-mails and logic says that November 2017 has to be taken as Year 1 and that from now on data is collected and made public for November using the same methodology as 2017.

The list below is of Beeston Council Tax exempt student properties. I have created separate location lists for all the locations in the the above summary. The data from the Council is one long list with the first column showing the location of the street. I have compiled the above table of Broxtowe locations and verified it against the overall total on the Broxtowe Borough Council spreadsheet.

I leave it to you, the reader, to make what you will of the data. If you would like a PDF version of the full street-by-street list for Broxtowe please contact me.

There some quirks/anomalies in the Beeston list below, as I suspect there are in other location lists (eg. A Gladstone Street/Gladstone Street; Beacon Flats/Beacon Flatts; the use of Rd/Road results in separate entries and Ewe Lamb Lane has 9 location entries as Beeston, 8 as Stapleford and 100 as Bramcote. It is part of the Bramcote/Stapleford boundary, but it highlights how what you get out depends on what you put in!). 

Also, to place the data below I had to cut and paste and I have done it in haste — hence the difference widths. The entries are as they appear in the Council spreadsheet. I have added the column headings:

PROPS is for no. of properties in each street which could pay council tax.

EXEMPTIONS is the no. of council tax exempt properties in the named street.

STUDENT is the no. of properties exempt in the named street because all the occupants are in full-time education.

HIMO is the no. of properties in the named street registered as a House in Multiple Occupation. HIMOs can be occupied by groups other than students and may be paying council tax because the occupants are not exempt from paying council tax.

I have asked for a category breakdown of Broxtowe Borough Council 1,137 exemptions total. The Council has a discount and exemption webpage. Click here to see it


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