Saturday, 16 December 2017

Beeston Vertical Map update — a new Café, a name change and coming soon

A quick post. For the next month or more my priority is caring for Susan after her operation, so my posts will remain few, but I have picked up on some changes in the last week or so, so I have updated my Beeston map and here are pics of the changes:

The closed Odin Cafe has become Christine's Delights. The frontage has still to get signage, so there is an A-board on Beeston High Road outside the cafe.

It describes itself as a 'mediterranean style bakery' and what food I have bought from the cafe to take home for a light lunch has been tasty and the pastry crunchy. Early days yet. I wish them well.

The Dessert Haven 'opening soon' poster has been in the shop window across from The Coffee House for a few weeks now.

And lastly The Greyhound has morphed in The Jesse Boot with signage which describes the pub as a 'Craft Union Free House'.

I admit to not being a pubby person these days, but the makeover makes the building look like a bastion of sorts. A place of dark secrets.

Its new owners, the Craft Union Pub Company describe The Jesse Boot as a 'community pub'. I'm sure it's friendly inside. In the four years I have been doing this map there have been a number of re-namings (or is it re-brandings?). Sometimes the owners have remained the same. I still think of The Coffee House as Mason and Mason and The Rye as Jerome & Kern (I never could get the name right, but it reminded me of the songwriter). Then there is The Lounge Bar named after a local Boxer. I know the signage says Bendigo but I don't call it that.

I suspect a good few of us have our own names for places. I can see a map coming on...

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