Saturday, 20 January 2018

Updated Beeston map includes The Hive on Union Street

My monthly update of my Beeston Vertical Map includes The Hive on Union Street which arrived as a collection of small retail units in October 2017 and had a launch in December, but I missed both — which tells you how good I am at noticing things even when I walk pass them!

Well, I hope this post makes up for my omission.

There is the A-Board pointing to The Hive down Union Street on Beeston High Road. The fact that so many of us walk by un-noticing is because A-boards litter the pavement. Why a shop with a frontage on the High Road needs an A-board is beyond me.

There is a case to be made for some kind of signage and additional publicity for shops in a shared space like The Hive which are really part of Beeston High Road.

Brighton has its 'Lanes'. Surely Beeston could come up with some innovative name to pull the shops on Villa Street and Union Street, for example, into the town centre proper, even the shops along Wollaton Road. They're all on my Beeston Map, so I'm doing my bit. 

Here is the entrance to The Hive, which is on the right-hand side of Union Street from the Beeston High Road end. It is set at a right-angle to the street.

Inside the entrance is this inviting shared foyer. Sorry I can't make my image larger (clicking on the image will make it larger).

I received a warm welcome from Laura aka Eliza Lou Handbags. The unit she shares with Not Too Shabby is a bit like a Tardis.

Hocus Pokus Rocks & Crystals is run by a lovely lady called Karen who was too shy to have her photograph taken. Lots of contemporary ear-rings and small items of jewellery as well The rocks and crystals are meant to have natural properties which may improve our health/wellbeing. If you want to light up a visit to Beeston with natural sparkle, thenHocus Pocus is for you!

The unit occupied by (Beeston) Arts Culture Tourism was unattended but open selling a selection of local books and works of art. The owner is Marysia Zipser who has been promoting Beeston for some years.

As I was leaving Charlotte of Not Too Shabby arrived and we had a long chat with Laura as well about Beeston's potential as a shopping centre. We spoke about Long Eaton, Ilkeston and Stapleford and the advantages Beeston has to offer. The new think-tank Centre for Towns points out that Beeston is not as young as Nottingham, (they argue that 'towns are ageing') but we disagreed. Beeston has growing numbers of younger people visiting and this reflected in the changing retail nature of the town — a pub and café culture continues to grow and that has to be good for young independents like Laura and Charlotte. I wish all at The Hive well. Go and have a look for yourself. You'll experience Beeston at its best!

Finally a sad note. Edward's on Wollaton Road has closed. It wasn't that long ago that is was one of Broxtowe Borough Council's award winning businesses. I hope there is some hope they might return in the bottom half of the notice in their door.

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