Saturday, 22 August 2015

Allotment heaven on our doorstop

Doing another poster for the Heritage Open Days next month prompted a quick visit to the Wollaton Road Allotments to get a few photographs. Susan and I plan to go along on the Heritage Open Day and will write more about that come the time. Our next door neighbour goes to the Allotments for bacon cobs — which she says are fantastic. Anyway, for now, enjoy a few pics and the poster:

Len on the allotment stall at the gate sold me some apples and plums, then sold the plums again, so I waited whilst his mate Paul went and picked me some more. Just a £1 for each bag and I really can say 'the fruit came straight of the trees'.

This is a pic of Len's allotment. He only took it over a few months ago and it looks fantastic already. He told me it was his 7th plot in thirty years.

What really blew me away though was this view. You could be forgiven for thinking it was in the middle of the English countryside when it is actually within a few hundred yards of Beeston town centre!  What prompted this discovery was the need to have a few pics of Wollaton Road Allotments for my Civic Society poster. The allotments had a great atmosphere. I am looking forward to our proper visit on 12 September. I hope the poster and these three pics tempt you to come along as well and don't forget the bacon cobs (there were cakes today as well and they all looked yummylicious). 

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