Tuesday, 11 August 2015

A Beeston day wandering with friends

Friends from Greenwich stayed with us last week and we went on a wander down Wollaton Road, then west to the Mish Mash Gallery before walking back to Mason & Mason, then up Marlborough Road and home. It took five hours.

The parish church was open, so we spent half-an-hour looking at the memorial and simply enjoying the church for what it — a quiet place for reflection. You do not have to have a religious faith to enjoy and appreciate such a building.

Chilwell Memorial Institute on the south side of (Chilwell) High Road, close to Meadow Lane, was erected and paid for by people with a take on remembrance which I share. A building or a space of practical value reminds users every time they visit of why and how the building is there, and I like that.

Back on (Beeston) High Road, the Greenwood Coffee House has added this signage. I rather like their description of themselves as a 'coffee house'. Immediately suggests that it is a place where people gather and talk. In an earlier post I mentioned that someone described the café as being for 'hipsters', who are 'greens in suits'. On the couple of occasions we have been in, I have yet to see anyone wearing a suit. Most of us were oldies or mums with buggies.

The sign and the name is a take on the owner's name — Rory Archer — who is an experienced barrister, having been manager of The Bean on Stoney Street for two years. Rory's coffees will change throughout the year and to go with his coffees he is offering simple snacks. He does not have a website yet, but he does have a Facebook page @ https://www.facebook.com/greenhoodcoffee

The empty space between the Bus & Tram Interchange and Tesco is a real blot on Beeston's townscape. I applaud the efforts of Beeston Civic Society and young architect students, together with Broxtowe Borough Council, to ensure there is a full and continuing debate about what kind of building/complex we have, but until a developer actually starts talking with local groups and the Council, we can only wait and hope that they propose something more than a 'shed'. All too many buildings are designed and built to a budget and if they make a statement, that is it!

We also went to Highfields Park and Lakeside, where we found an exhibition by Emily Allchurch in the Djanology Gallery. I wasn't sure what to expect, but in the event I was overwhelmed and rate it as the second best thing I have seen at the gallery since it opened (the best by far was the Lowry exhibition a couple of years ago). You have until 31 August to see this fantastic exhibition (11am–5pm Mon–Sat and 12–4pm Sunday), admission free.   For more information visit http://www.lakesidearts.org.uk/exhibitions/event/2895/emily-allchurch.html

I will be going back next week when our sixteen year old grandson comes to stay. Emily Allchurch is a 21st century artist (for that is what she is) taking advantage of the latest technology. And I say this, even though much of what she does is inspired by the works of old masters.

And to close this Beeston amble, a reminder of where you can see original works of art (and buy them) in the centre of Beeston. Sergio at The White Lion took to providing hanging space for local artists some time ago and the works for sale get better by the month. It really is worth dropping in for a coffee or a beer, wine even, and whiling away thirty minutes looking at what is on show.

Right now though, if I had £280, or Mish Mash would let me pay in ten equal payments, there is another work on art I would buy. I won't tell you what, because I am hoping Ernie will come up trumps on 1 September (Ernie let me down on the 1 August boo hiss).

Our Greenwich friends enjoyed their stay in Beeston and we dined well at Table 8. Unfortunately, two of our favourite haunts were closed, but Greenwood and Mason & Mason came to the rescue and O'liva was full, but I did buy some 'Sicilian treats' which we had the next day with coffee. I have blogged about these in the recent past and they will get a mention in the blog following this. They really are yummy!

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