Thursday, 27 July 2017

Rosie Lea's Tea Room comes to Beeston with homemade cake and tea, plus lunchtime treats

I only found it today, so some of you may have been there already. A lovely lady called Rosemary opened for business two weeks ago on 17 July in the little cafe on Wilkinson Street at the Council Offices end.

It used to be home to Time for Tea until Laura moved to Wollaton Road.

It's early days yet, but the fruit cake is good and I love Rosie Lea's bright and airy feel — a trick which is difficult to pull off in such a small space as this.

I have already updated the online version of my unique Beeston 'Vertical Map'. Below is the section showing Wilkinson Street, with Rosemary's Rosie Lea's Tea Room bang in the middle!

So why not go and meet Rosemary for yourself and enjoy some her cake. She's an 'Essex Girl' — something she told me after I picked up on her lovely voice. Me being a 'Middlesex Boy' gave me a head start. My maternal Nanna was from Essex and I have close family there still, so I have a soft spot for the county

I wish Rosemary every success and will be going back soon for some of that fruit cake!

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