Thursday, 27 July 2017

My good intentions go splat!

Doing a weekend Beeston Week post has very quickly become a challenge, so I would be less than honest if I did not say future postings are likely to be, at best, occasional. 

Why? Well, I am drawing more maps and have just completed a map for Nottingham University Students' Union which they intend to use in their 2017 Kegworth Student Guide. Like other maps I do it is stylised so that more locations and facilities can be shown than would be the case if the map was geographical. Already I have thoughts as to how I can improve it, but this happens after every map I create.  So, here's a sneak preview (click on map to enlarge):

I also want to make time to type up some of the stories I have written, so I can post them to my writing blog ( I also need to work on my stories in the same way as I do my maps, then there is my blog about growing up in Wembley ( and where a lot has been happening recently, not least discovering at 73 that I have a half-brother nine years older than me and three dead half-sisters, plus the name of my father. Four months ago all these things were beyond my expectations. It was enough to know, thanks to a DNA test in early-2016, that I was 55% Irish. The 28% Scandinavian and only 6% British came as total surprise!

My 35 History Bus activities have been on the increase with Nottingham City Transport giving St Martin's Church in Bilborough a bus a few Saturdays ago so that we could take passengers on a ride through Nottingham history. The day was a great success and, yes, this activity comes with a blog! ( The next 35 day will be in October 2017 and there is just an outside possibility that NCT will, next year, brand the 35 as Nottingham's first history bus and for this I want to update my blog and all the associated maps and information I have. So plenty to do.

Then there are my 'Beeston Bus Boxes' which I parked over a year ago as I began to slow down and prepare for open heart surgery. Now I am better, I want to work on re-launching the bus boxes with the support of a couple of Beeston businesses, so watch this space. Below is one of the Nottingham Bus Boxes, but even in Beeston the London Routemaster boxes are more popular (I do routes to order for a small premium).

I am also planning to gather all my maps together in one blog: I have posted a holding entry and only got the blog a couple of days ago, so it will be a few weeks before it will be worth looking at.

Oh, all this and I have yet to mention the garden and my runner beans. The garden is a great source of pleasure and I want to devote more time to it, so yet another thing to do. I also have a couple iof ailments which ensure the NHS want to see me every now and again. Only one of which is life threatening, even though at present I am symptom free. I still consider myself 'one lucky bunny'.

Over the next couple of days I have two more posts I want to do. One is short and will follow this one. The other is my walk on Tuesday from Beeston to Dunkirk, with lunch along the way, and close, in my book, to a perfect day, so on Sunday if you want some weekend reading with plenty of pics pay Beeston week a visit. These are a two of the pics I will be sharing with you:

Hundreds walk pass this boundary marker every day. Do you know where it is?

...and these blackberries were hanging in front of my face, together with thousands around me. They will probably all be ready for picking come the weekend, so I will tell where they are, well sort of. They are on either side of the public footpath which runs beside Tottlebrook between Highfields Park and Dunkirk
(I ate a good few as I went along).

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