Friday, 26 May 2017

A reader remembers Beeston and wonders?

I received an email today which read:

Dear Robert,

Mainly to say how I enjoy your observations and congratulate you on returning following major surgery, "ready for anything".

I'm a former resident of Beeston - over 50 years since I left - but enjoy reading about dear old Beeston, especially politically. You might be amused about my start in politics; way back, probably 1948/9.

I worked at Boots offices in Nottingham, with a day release to Boots College, Beeston Works. We had a mock election, and I ventured to be the Tory candidate - I was resoundingly beaten by the Labour candidate, which brought it home to me what were political leanings in the Beeston area.

Since then I've gone through Tory and recently Lib Dem phases, but seeing now how the polls are moving towards Labour, might even vote for them, even in this Lib Dem run area, with Tim Farron in charge.

One thing that surprises me about your online work is the absence of comments to what you say - why is this do you think?


Douglas Worrall

I'd like to thank Douglas for his kind words and to respond to his question in the final paragraph.

The answer is I don't know. Some folk tell me they have tried to post comments without success, some come through in the form of emails like Doug's. A few come direct.

Beeston is like its neighbour Lenton. Both draw you in and hold you fast. 

The important thing is that we all vote. I toyed with the idea of a postal votes at the county council elections, being just nine weeks after my op, but I decided I would go in person, as I will Thursday week. I really will miss not taking numbers on polling day at the polling station near our home with Susan. I look forward to doing it again in 2019 at the Borough Council elections.

Doug, assuming you read this, thanks once again for your email, you seem an OK guy and I am sure you will vote wisely come the day. I hope it's for your local Labour Party candidate wherever you are.

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