Saturday, 15 April 2017

The changing face of Beeston

A couple of months out of action and how things change in Beeston if you walk from Humber Road to Park Road. I'm sure I will have missed things, but here is my take:

Still in the same ownership, just no longer Mason and Mason.

Odin's Table now say it will 'only be open to the public for pre-arranged events' and has closed as an eatery. I wish them well in their new guise.

A string of eateries on the south side of Beeston High Road. Cafe 94 appear on my earlier maps as 'Coffee Cup'. The name change passed me by until now.

Down on the south side of Chilwell Road, close to Latino's. I will go in once I can drink pale ale again. Right now I am taking too much medication to risk drinking alcohol!

This new bakery on the south side of Chilwell Road should be opening next Tuesday (18 April). I met the owner, Fang-Ju Shen, a lovely young woman, who stepped outside and invited me in as I was taking this photograph.  She intends to specialise in breads, cakes and biscuit from Taiwan and China, perhaps Korea and Japan as well. She gave me some samples which varied in texture and sweetness. All were enjoyable, which we ate for our tea with some cheese we bought from Jo's Local Not Global Deli a few doors down, where Susan and I stopped for tea and cake.

I intend to go back to the Fang-Ju's bakery and will write more after my next visit. There are a few chairs and tables inside the shop. The name comes from two characters in a children's story book she has written. As yet there is no website or Facebook page.

Another new shop is aimed at our canine friends and whilst there, one dog went in and another came out.

A Broxtowe Borough Council planning application tied to a nearby lamp-post says someone wants to turn the old Crossplay Music shop into (yet another) café.

Seven weeks, seven changes along Beeston's east-west shopping thoroughfare. How many of these changes have you noticed?

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  1. At least it seems vibrant, and not overtaken with nail bars