Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Corbyn plays May's political game.

On The Guardian website (to which I subscribe) a Jeremy Corbyn 'spokesman' is quoted as saying: “We’ve made clear that this election is a choice between a Conservative government or a Labour government; there is no other possible outcome".

Oh yes there is - a parliament in which each political party has MPs in proportion to its share of the total vote - the system which is used in the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly. This would be far preferable to one party having a majority of MPs on a less than half of the votes cast.

As a libertarian socialist, who hates seeing local government treated as less than the equal of national government, I am deeply, deeply saddened to see Labour and Jeremy Corbyn behaving like a centralist party happy to ignore the majority of voters in its own self-interest. In this respect they are no different to the Conservative Party, Theresa May and Liberals.

I would like the outcome of this election to be one in which Jeremy Corbyn and Labour MPs can only govern with the consent/support of other political parties represented in the UK Parliament and that their first act will be to introduce proportional representation across English local government and the UK Parliament using the voting system used to elect the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly. Part of the same Act would abolish the House of Lords.

Perhaps The Guardian has misquoted Jeremy Corbyn's 'spokesman'. What do you think?

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