Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Inside Beeston's Magic mountain

I did a post on 8 October which included the photograph below of a shop front on Vernon Avenue. It's not a street many are likely to walk along unless using as a cut-through (which is what I do). Well, the good news is that Magic Mountain has now been open for nearly a fortnight, so I thought I would take you 'inside the mountain'.

Just in case you're thinking Vernon Avenue? I have included a section of my new Beeston 'vertical' map (which is presently still a work in progress – see my last post). Vernon Avenue runs between Wollaton Road and Villa Street. Click on the map to enlarge.

The shop specialises in 'samples, seconds and clearances'. During my ten minute visit half-a-dozen folk came in and looked around. The two photographs below capture the essence of Magic Mountain. Now I wish I had photographed what I can only describe as 'the sock bins' offering the chance to buy quality socks at a discount. I was drawn to the hat corner and can happily say probably the best display of its kind I've seen anywhere, but then I am a hat man. I never go out without one.

Whilst in Magic Mountain I had a chat with Joe Bird (left), the manager, and Chris Prentice (right), one of the shop's founders. The Broxtowe Ramblers had already been in and left brochures advertising themselves and their present programme of walks, which immediately alerted Joe and Chris to the need for the shop to have a community noticeboard — something which may now be in place.

Their website has not been update since I first visited it in early-October and still shows an opening date for 24 June 2016 on its home page. It does need updating. Chris told me their focus has been on twitter. I found Chris on twitter (here is a link), but no obvious shop twitter, nor does the website direct you to a twitter site. This is obviously something they have to work on, because Magic Mountain has a lovely feel and deserves to succeed, but don't take my word for it, go and find them on your next visit to Beeston town centre. 

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