Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Beeston Nights — a work in progress

My new style Beeston 'vertical map' has the advantage of being easily adaptable, of which the Beeston Nights map below is an example. I am also working on a Beeston Heritage version based on the town's numerous blue plaques. Having been given time I did not expect to have this side of 2017, I am going to complete these two versions and that will be it. Beeston Nights will show what shops are open, the supermarkets taken as given, so I will show launderettes etc. I will also try and take some night-time photographs of the town (I have included the few I have to give a feel of Beeston after dark).

Some eateries are not open every night, so I need to check out opening hours when I do my evening walk. In the meantime, gaze upon a very different Beeston to the one many of us know much better.

Usual rule. Click on map to enlarge.


  1. I'm told that Beeston is currently thriving, since there is much activity in eateries in the evening. What say you?
    And is this activity due to tram access, or to the end of the embargo caused by tram construction, or to student presence?