Wednesday, 2 September 2015

See you on Saturday with copies of my Beeston Pocket Companion ©

I am taking copies of my 2015 Heritage Open Days Pocket Companion with me to place on the Beeston & District Civic Society's stall in Beeston Square on Saturday. 200 copies. The cover measures 7.5 x 10.5cm and is easy to carry about and refer to. If you would like a copy come along. I am printing just 100 at my own expense, unless a sponsor shows up in the next twenty-four hours.

On my wife's advice, who is keen on copyright, the term 'Beeston Pocket Companion' and my Beeston map design, will now come with a copyright claim in my name (Robert Howard). I will make the map freely available for not-for-profit activities and to independent local businesses in return for the inclusion of my beestonweek.blogspot logo and if any are printed for distribution I expect them to be printed in Beeston or Chilwell. I support local independent traders.

Good news. Simon at Pixel & Graphics on Chilwell Road in return for a sponsor's box, is sharing the cost of producing 100 in colour with me. I can't imagine anyone choosing mono until that option as gone. We shall see on Saturday. There has also been a cover change. Judy at the Civic Society fell in love with this pink box, so how could I deny her.

PS. It won't be in colour. It will be mono, but this what it would like if I had the money!

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