Saturday, 12 September 2015

Nottingham hover bus — the future of public transport?

A Nottingham hover bus glides up the Derby Road past the Warsaw Diner (the best place in Nottingham to have breakfast or brunch) towards Ilkeston and Cotmanhay on the city's first hover bus service. Their colour makes them impossible to miss. 

The hover bus travels just above the road surface and rides the bumps without passengers noticing. Their advantages are obvious — you don't need to lay and maintain expensive track and cabling and they can go anywhere.

At the moment all the bus company concerned will say is 'We are currently evaluating this new and exciting technology'.

Personally, I believe I have seen the future of public transport in the Nottingham conurbation and it is not a tram. It is a bus. Lots of them. Who needs wheels when you can hover. 


  1. Always wondered what that diner was like, used to go past most days on the 28 to work! As for the hover bus, is this my mind playing tricks on me?

  2. Thanks Simon. It's a real, untouched, photo I promise. As for the 'hover' bit, I can dream...