Saturday, 28 February 2015

Picked up by the Post

The Nottingham Post kindly picked up on my Beeston Pubs & Cafés map today, and has published the map. On their website they have included this photograph of me they took yesterday outside the Local not global Deli.

The headline in the paper is awful and does not bear repeating. It is what the story omits to say which prompts this quick post. The Post story has no link to beestonweek.blogspot, but anyone looking at the map closely will find this web address on the map. I describe my map as 'diagrammatic'. It is others who describe it as a (London) Underground style map and I can understand why — for that was my starting point when I created the first version in 2013.

I also told the reporter who spoke to me that there is a blank template 'master' version which I will happily pass onto any local voluntary group free-of-charge and to any small business in return for a £10 donation to Beeston WEA Branch.

When you talk to the press you have to accept that they will write what they want, so I have no complaints about the story as written.

If anyone coming new to the map sees any omissions or has any suggestions about how I might improve the map, then I would welcome their comments. There is another version of the map which includes Beeston Marina and the University of Nottingham main campus (see entry in the top section of the right-hand column).

For the record, the text beneath the map in the above photograph reads:

Beeston is the destination of choice for those in the know. Start with exquisite coffee at the Fusion Café in Chilwell’s Creative Corner, home to three contemporary art & craft galleries, then walk towards Beeston, past more art and gift shops and stop at the Local not Global Deli, just in time for an early light lunch. The few tables fill quickly, so don’t be late!

I could have mentioned Relish or the Flying Goose. Perhaps next time. Weatherspoon’s Last Post is a popular haunt, right by The Square, within sight of the new tram & bus interchange. To the south are three good pubs. Fish stew and Tapas make the White Lion a favourite of mine. 

Along the High Road and into Hallams for a fishy treat to take home. Past Belle & Jerome where you can return for afternoon tea. ‘The best I’ve ever had’ I heard a lady say last week and when it comes to sausages, Barnsdale butchers, can’t be beat. A little further on, more galleries and gift shops await your attention. I like to end with tea and cake in Mason & Mason. 

Hop on a bus and come tomorrow. Don’t wait for The Tram!

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