Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Council Tax exempt (student) properties in Beeston and Broxtowe by street

In the right-hand column under Pages you can see a complete list of council tax exempt properties by street. I received the information from Broxtowe Borough Council on 23 February 2015 following a request I made to them. I would like to thank the Council and the staff involved for compiling the data.

The map below shows the Beeston streets with the highest percentages of council tax exempt properties (click on the map to enlarge):

At some point I will have more to say about the information I have received. For now it is suffice to say that the streets with a high percentage of council tax exempt properties are presently clustered, for the most part, around Beeston town centre.

At a recent meeting of the Beeston North Community Action Team, a Council officer, Steffan Saunders said that it was a matter Planning had not looked at in any depth and that they would be looking at six unrelated occupants and the property becoming an issue before doing anything, but accepted that three unrelated occupants could be enough to trigger registration as an  HMO if that was Council policy (Steffan, understandaby, qualified his response to my question by making the point that actual registration is not a Planning decision - it rests with Environmental Health).

As far as I am aware this is the first time this information has been published in this format. In the meantime you can find some initial analysis in the right-hand column headed Broxtowe properties claiming council tax exemption by street.

I have also submitted a Scrutiny Suggestion Form to the Council, in which I ask the committee to look at 'the impact of student lets and Houses in Multiple Occupation on the Borough of Broxtowe and, specifically, Beeston'. The form asks 'What outcomes do you expect?', to which I have answered 'That in the absence of continual monitoring and assessment, the balance of local communities cannot be satisfactorily measured or maintained'.

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