Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Bus Box Mk.2 contains chocolate

My brother's birthday today. This time last year I knew nothing of him. He came to me via Susan and his grand-daughter when she posted a link identifying me and her as second cousins. This led her to believe that her grand-father and me might be half-brothers, sharing the same father. The result of a DNA test in June came back a month later and confirmed that we did indeed have the same father. At 73 this was quite something for me to discover. My half-brother was 82, so for him it was even more remarkable, learning something so late in life.

The plan had been to spend his birthday together with our wives, both Susans, but life got in the way, so we sent him some sugar reduced chocolate in a box I made just for him. I designed it to take 6 x 150g bars.

Two boxes. The one at the back sits over the one at the front.

I created the box last Wednesday, tweaked it on Thursday and on Friday morning Simon at Pixel & Graphics on Chilwell Road printed off 2 x A3 size copies for me, which I took home, cut out and put in the post on Friday afternoon. I had no second chance and only spotted a spelling mistake this morning!

My parcel was delivered the next day and opened today.

The new look bus box will become a trolleybus before long and acquire a sloping front and become two usable boxes in one. A self-taught craft. Who would have thought I would be doing this at my age!

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  1. Fabulous! What a splendid gift for your newly found brother:)