Saturday, 5 August 2017

One more post to come

Parking a blog is something I have now done several times - Parkviews about life and around Lenton Recreation Ground after seven years; Crocus Gallery which I did for a couple of years.  Looking back I would now describe the space in the now demolished Church Square, Lenton, as a 'pop up' community art gallery and then the West End Bowls blog, a local bowling club with Lenton and Radford community roots. I played with the Club for five years and was Secretary for three, until I resigned in 2014, the year we left Lenton for Beeston. I enjoyed them all.

It is now the turn of Beeston Week, with a final post I hope towards the end of September 2017 when I have current council tax exemptions data for Broxtowe which I will post without comment. 

I want to type up what I write, post an e-book I am working on to Amazon I've no idea when. I want to do it, then there is my 35 'History Bus' I want to write more about and My Wembley blog memoir - and I haven't mentioned my garden yet or playing bowls again next year, or seeing more of my friends.

So I am making a start of sorts now by parking Beeston Week - something I have enjoyed doing and have tried to park before without success. This time I am more determined! Just one more when I have the data.

My maps will stay here, so there will be some activity.

Robert Howard

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