Saturday, 9 July 2016

The Canary says it all: A fight to the death and an Iraq Inquiry footnote

From The Canary.

Says it all. It is a shame it has come to this.

The only reason the rebel Labour MPs don't want to defect is that they want the Party machine and money. Without it they will all, in time, go the same way as Jenkins, Williams, Rogers, Owen & co. 

Corbyn sets out his policies and strategy in The Guardian today and it offers a radical vision, which I am happy to go along with. I want more on returning power to local government, because I believe for socialism/green politics to flourish they need local examples of good government which can be adapted to individual communities.

You can be sure that Corbyn offers more than Eagle or Smith will, given their belief that Labour MPs trump members when it comes to policy and control. Maybe until, but not any more. 

I have been forced into being a Corbyn supporter. I did not start out as one. 

Right now, read my link to The Canary website.

The following link to The Public Whip website may be of interest. It shows the Labour MPs who wanted the Iraq Inquiry to have a wider remit and more parliamentary input. The MPs supporting this view lost out to those MPs who supported the Labour Government setting the terms of reference.

The Iraq Inquiry came about because of years of sustained pressure outside Parliament and inside by a small group of almost exclusively Labour MPs. I suspect you can guess what camps who was in, but it is a telling reminder of why Eagle will fail in her attempt to defeat Corbyn.

The only hope Eagle and Smith have is to keep Corbyn off the ballot paper and they are doing all they can to achieve that — which is why they have to be defeated! 

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