Thursday, 23 June 2016

Nottingham Tram Park Lines worm map

I saw a flyer asking for 'historic park poems' about Nottingham parks and came up with this take on the idea of a map as poetry. It doesn't quite work as the latter, the locations along the route of the tram with parks do not 'bounce' enough, but I am quite pleased with the worm map I created in thirty minutes, including river crossings by the tram.

Having said the park names don't bounce, every one of the names could easily be taken as the name of a railway station. 'Bestwood Country to Inham Nook' does sound a little more lyrical than 'Hucknall to Toton Lane'.

It crosses the Leen four times and from Wilford Bridge, as the tram crosses the Trent, you can see the Leen outfall, where it falls into the Trent. 

The tram crosses the Nottingham Canal twice and from where the tram crosses the canal on Gregory Street you can see where it becomes the Beeston Canal.

Usual rule. Click to enlarge and see the final right-hand section of the worm map.

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