Friday, 1 January 2016

Another year, another day, so we begin again

Several folk have commented on my decision to pull the plug on Beeston Week and yesterday, after Susan and I spent the morning on a long wander around Beeston, I decided to continue, but without the pressure of feeling the need to do weekly posts. From now on they will come as the mood takes me.

Mish Mash will morph into One Off in a few months time. In readiness for the change, the gallery front has had a makeover. More nearer the time. For now, just enjoy how the gallery sparkles at night. Still the best place in Beeston to buy that special card you are looking for. RH.

Yesterday we walked from our home off Wollaton Road to the Local Not Global Deli on Chilwell Road (opposite its junction with Imperial Road), where we had long slow coffees with some of Jo's delicious chocolate cake, then onto Fabric Place, which was closed, but never mind we were going to the Mish Mash Gallery anyway, where we chatted with Gary and two other folk, who followed us down from Jo's.

Then it was back towards Beeston and a visit to ArtWorks, opposite the Local Not Global Deli, where we bought some more bits and pieces, then a visit to a very empty main post office with a parcel. I have never been in there before and seen staff sitting at their counters waiting for customers. Hallams had queues longer than Christmas, yet we walked into an empty Barnsdale Butchers and came out with a fine shoulder of pork for today's lunch, when we are being joined by old neighbours and close friends from Lenton.

A final call at Out of this World on Villa Street, then back up the Wollaton Road and home. Four hours in all.

We dined on lettuce sandwiches after eating cheese from Jo's every day for nearly a week. The best cheese in Beeston. Her secret is to stock not too much, but what she does is good, very good. It's the same with her pale ales. On any other Thursday, I would have come home with a thermos full of her pork goulash, but we had a chunky homemade golden vegetable soup waiting to be finished.

In all this you have a clue what Beeston Week is morphing into — the 'topical' has gone from my strap line. Contemporary affairs will be left to others. OK, there may be the odd foray and there will be buses, always a topical subject to some, but for me they are a lifelong source of joy and pleasure, nerd that I am.

For me, 2016 is going to be a year of writing and starting a memoir using personal photographs as prompts and I suspect that these will find their way onto my Wembley Memories blog, which has been dormant for over two years.


The Nottingham Daily Photo blog has Beeston connections and by chance he has chosen a bus photograph he took as his 'Photograph of the Year'.

You can read more and see Christopher Frost's many other excellent photographs by clicking on the link above the photograph.


  1. Hi Robert, thanks for stopping by my blog and linking it to yours, re the Ghost Bus. I must admit that I've not come across your blog before. I'm actually surprised at this, as I thought I would, either through my own blog, or my involvement in the Beestonian magazine etc. I didn't know that you were responsible for the excellent Beeston Map. I will look at previous entries. Maybe our paths have crossed at events etc, and just not known it.

    1. Thanks Christopher. I suspect we have. I've been a follower of yours for some years now.