Sunday, 11 October 2015

A Beeston miscellany of sorts

 Seen on the boot of a VW in Beeston. Very timely.

A view of the trees in Broadgate Recreation Ground which line its border along Humber Road. You have to be in the park to really appreciate this wonderful line of trees. 

I took these two pics of duvets outside Beeston's Linen Box shop on 15 September, about the time the students were due back. I thought the shop was very enterprising and I just hope enough students arrived without duvets for them to sell out. 

Hallam's garden centre on Beeston High Road is very different out back. I would love there to be a large botanical garden in the town or close by. Birmingham and Kew have them and there is, of course. the Eden Project. I would settle for something simple. Perhaps we could turn the High Road into a long atrium and use the heat from the shops to grow exotic plants along its length?

A very rare beast which I intend to write about in a future blog quite soon. A YourBus X36 — a missed opportunity by YourBus to get ahead of the game. Come back next week and I will tell you more. Enough to know that Susan and I came back from the QMC on it, with just the driver and one of his colleagues for company, non-stop all the way to Wollaton Road.

The City Council's subsidised L10 LocalLink bus did a lot better, as everyone waiting at the stop when we got off the X36 boarded the L10.

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