Thursday, 26 March 2015

Chilwell Creative Corner Writers' Group take a first step

Last night seven people met in the Fusion Café for the first time. It was the first meeting of the Chilwell Creative Corner Writers' Group. Only two knew one another before. The two hours passed quickly and ended with those present agreeing to go away and write a short story about 'an animal' before they meet again on Wednesday 29 April at 7pm in the Fusion Café.

Thanks to AJ, the owner of Fusion, the new group has free use of the café for its first three meetings. After that the Group will pay £30. With seven that works out at just over £4 each — which isn't costly when compared to other writing group charges.

I organised the meeting, encouraged by AJ and Gary from the Mish Mash Gallery next door and my aim was to have at least six of us after the final free meeting on Wednesday 20 May, so start from cold with seven was quite an achievement.

Those present came for a variety of reasons, one had yet to pen a word, but left hopefully inspired to begin. If the person writes as well as the way they engaged those listening, then we are all in for a treat. Perhaps the mood was best caught by the person who said 'I want to be comfortable but challenged'.

AJ was on hand to serve tea and coffee, soft drinks too.

The 'homework' is voluntary and set because some wanted to leave with a challenge and came from an account of short story on Radio 4 about a fox.

Opposite is my completed 'homework', written this morning. I attended my first ever creative writing class at Beeston WEA in January 2011 and attended until the end of 2013, then again in the autumn of 2014, but this is the first time I ever written about an animal, so I already have something to thank the new Chilwell Creative Corner Writers' Group for.

Called 'A mouse of letters' and 1,315 words long, I hope you enjoy. I have published it to encourage the others.

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  1. Hope your new writing group becomes successful sounds like a good start. I loved A Mouse of Letters! I'm quite taken with Mouse and I love the way you describe her and the continued emphasis, very poetical in it's repetition of mouse not knowing or caring but just being. I can see this as a small illustrated book for the young (and not so young.) More mouse stories from the Scriptorium as well, perhaps?xxx