Sunday, 21 December 2014

A very long week thanks to a bug

My ambitious plan to do a weekly post to BeestonWeek fell at the first hurdle, thanks to a 'flu like bug/virus which laid me low for over a fortnight. During this time the Toton by-election came and went, with UKIP coming last (see  Wikipedia entry at:,_2011#Toton_.26_Chilwell_Meadows)

I am sure that Labour will have noted that whilst both the Conservative (+2.6%) and UKIP (+15.9%) share of the vote went up, Labour's went down (-5.9%). You ignore any election at your peril. I want Nick Palmer to win in May, but you can understand why he is pushing hard.

I have had a Beeston Pubs & Cafes Map on my old parkviews blog for some time, but from now on its new home is going to be BeestonWeek.

During this time a Costa coffee bar has opened in The Square

and Jerry's American style hot dog cafe has closed.

 The sign in the window suggests it might re-open. I hope so.

Given Beeston's many and varied array of cafés I cannot understand why the town has not done more to exploit them. The coming of The Tram next year will be wonderful opportunity to attract visitors from other parts of the Greater Nottingham conurbation. It does run out of Nottingham as well as into it — something many seem to forget.

If I had the money I would give Beeston the best autumn and winter lights outside Blackpool, running for three months from 1 October – 2 January from Humber Road in the east to the Barton Gallery in the west.

But enough for now, time to think about enjoying the Christmas and New Year break. Season Greetings to those who see this post.

Robert Howard

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