Friday, 23 July 2021

I know hat I said but…

I have posted this photo I took as I ate my lunch today of Cornish sardines on homemade toasted caraway seed bread onto the Beeston Updated Facebook page.

I went into Hallams on Beeston High Road at 8.30 this morning and left with oven-ready sardines, plus brown shrimps, a large melon, raspberries and watercress. The latter for tea today and we’ve eating melon and raspberries since Monday and will continue to do so until Sunday. A whole week, so cheap, so full of flavour. The shrimps we will have for tea tomorrow.

This week has been one of isolation due to the heat, apart from medical appointments and shopping first thing on Monday and today (Friday). This is how ‘a half-day person’ can still live the good life in Beeston.

PS. I’ve also spent time posting stories to my paperbag reader blog.

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  1. The heat has been overpowering and made me feel quite ill at times. Your lunch time meal looks like something Paul would enjoy. As well as all the wonderful fruit which is always tempting at this time of year. Glad you are enjoying your home made seed bread. I like your literary typewriter photo and will, now it is cooler, pop over to your paperbag writer blog to catch up on your new stories. Take care:)