Nottingham City Centre Pocket Map

This map dates from April 2014 and was printed as a hand-out to accompany my 35 History By Bus map. Afterwards I parked it, intending to re-work it when I got the opportunity. I have since incorporated the map into the 2017 version of my 35 History by Bus map.

You may notice that it runs from Hyson Green in the north to Trent Bridge in the south and across to the east as well. This is because I think of The Forest and the football grounds (and Trent Bridge cricket ground) as being part of the city centre. Why? Because it's all walkable in 30 minutes at most from the Old Market Square (as is Lenton, which is why my new version will include an inset map for Lenton). By running the map off to the east I can include Sneinton Windmill and Stonebridge City Farm. This is all part of my seeing Nottingham 'a little differently' and wanting to share the idea of us all having our take on places. 

The map contains over 70 numbered locations plus others. Click on the map to enlarge.

Although the actual map size is A3 portrait it has been designed to print out A4 portrait size either in colour or in mono.

This map remains a work in progress and a more linear blank version does exist to which I need to add landmarks and places of interest etc.

Comments and suggestions as to content welcome.

Below is a more compact map of Nottingham City Centre which I use with my 35 History Bus map.
I have it mind to produce it as a Underground style pocket map. Watch this space.

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