Friday, 7 May 2021

County Council Election turnouts 2017 and 2021

 I have long believed that low turnouts at elections favour Labour and in recent years this has been documented in reports you can now find in the House of Commons Library. It is why I like campaigning 'under the radar', Labour drawing attention to itself seems to bring out Conservative voters who might otherwise stay and home. I include a couple of links to my earlier blogs below. 

This table is one from January 2021 to which I have added a column showing yesterday's turnouts across Nottinghamshire in the county council election. I think it holds true to my belief, with the exceptions proving the rule. Of the county divisions Labour held seven had turnouts of 40% or less, with only three being 41% or higher.

One District jumps out and, at present, defies explanation and that is Mansfield. One of the annoying things about election data is that how it is presented in the public domain changes from one election to another. The County Council Election results data for 2017 does not show the size of the electorate or ballot papers issued, whereas 2021 does.

If anyone can explain to me the as good of doubling of turnout percentages for 4 out of 5 Mansfield divisions(only Warsop hasn't changed), I would welcome their input, otherwise I will follow this up with the County Council Returning Officer next week. I suspect there is a simple explanation but I can't see it.

Anyway, back to my table. I hope you find it of interest (click on the table to enlarge):

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